Actions taken due to COVID-19 pandemic

Health and safety rules


Dear guests,

Due to the epidemic situation in Poland and out of concern for your safety, we have introduced new safety and hygiene rules in the Hugo Business & Spa Hotel***.

We hope that the improvements we have made will allow you to fully enjoy your stay, in a healthy and peaceful atmosphere.



-  According to GIS recommendations, the hotel has a guest limit - max. 30% of hotel occupancy. The 30% limit does not include those vaccinated against SARS - Cov2.

- Guests are asked to fill in a voluntary declaration on vaccination against SARS-Cov2. The declaration serves only to facilitate the control of the number of Guests due to the restrictions and limits introduced by GIS (vaccinated persons are not included in the limits). Thank you in advance for helping us and making our work easier.

- The entrance door to the hotel and other areas include door handles, light switches and handrails in staircases are regularly disinfected.

- We use MEDISEPT Velox to disinfect all types of surfaces - it is a foam recommended for disinfecting medical devices. Kills SARS - Cov2 within 60 seconds of use. More information and safety data sheet- Velox Foam Extra.

- We use DOLPHIN Dol-sept to disinfect the hands of employees and guests. It is a liquid for hygienic hand disinfection using the rubbing method. It has bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal properties. Penetrates into the porous surface of the hand, thanks to which it is characterized by a fast, effective and prolonged action. More information and safety data sheet - DOLPHIN Dol-sept.

- After entering the hotel, please disinfect your hands at a specially prepared point at the entrance.

- The presence of Guests at the reception desk is limited to a minimum. We recommend paying by card or prepayment by bank transfer.

- The number of people queuing at the reception desk in the hotel lobby is limited. The hotel staff will assist you in maintaining an appropriate, safe distance between Guests in the queue (2 meters). Please cooperate.

- The reception desk, payment terminal and pens are disinfected after every the check-in process.



- Hotel rooms are subject to detailed disinfection according to GIS recommendations and are regularly aired.

-  For sanitary reasons, we provide cleaning services during stays only on a special request, after arrangement with the reception and in the absence of guests in the room.

- If you only need to change towels, empty the rubbish bin or refill toiletries, please contact the reception.

- It is forbidden to use hair dryers in rooms (in accordance with GIS recommendations).

- On the day of departure, please leave the room key card in a deichened container on the reception counter.



- The restaurant is open from 12:00 to 22:00 and operates in accordance with GIS recommendations.

- A protective mask should be worn until you sit at the table.

- We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the menu on our website

- Breakfasts are issued at the reception in accordance with GIS recommendations.



- The SPA and Wellness zone is open in accordance with GIS recommendations.



- All hotel employees are trained internally to take special safety and precautionary measures to prevent the SARS - Cov2 virus, including GIS recommendations.

- We carry out an information campaign for the staff on special precautions according to GIS and WHO recommendations.

- Each employee, upon arrival at work, has the temperature measured (with a non-contact thermometer) in a specially prepared room. In the case of a subfebrile state and symptoms, the employee is sent home.

- Employees are provided with a hand disinfectant - a dispenser available in the back of the hotel and in the changing rooms.

- We have introduced additional disinfection of employees' common areas - cloakrooms, kitchen, social rooms and warehouses.



- Guests are provided with hand disinfectant. Dispensers are easily accessible in the reception hall as well as at the entrance to the restaurant and public toilets.

- We carry out an information campaign for our Guests concerning special precautions according to GIS and WHO recommendations.

- Toilets available in the hotel are thoroughly disinfected according to GIS recommendations.

- Only guests and staff are allowed to stay in the hotel.

- Please wear a protective mask when you are moving around the hotel (outside the room).


If you have any questions about the reservation or precautions, please contact us on the phone: 77 40 53 440 or by e-mail at the address: Both forms of contact are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

On our website you can browse all available offers and make a reservation. All packages available there are constantly updated.


If you have any worrisome symptoms (such as high fever, coughing and shortness of breath), please contact the NFZ 800 190 590 hotline, or use the search engine of an infectious hospital or GIS facility at

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